The Works

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— Ryan, a 23 year old entrepreneur has been in a relationship with Michael for the past four years. Through cheating, addiction, and abuse she's stuck it out and helped him raise his 7 year old son, MJ. When Ryan's had enough, she leaves behind a haughty threat to become involved with one of his friends. What starts out as a game quickly becomes a whirlwind romance. Too bad no one ever told her, her heart could get her killed.


— The Smith family is back, and is all grown up. Ryan and Gabriel are still as in love as ever. They're no strangers to dealing with strife, and difficult situations in their marriage, so what's one more as her health has steadily on the decline. As they balance difficulties resulting from Ryan's epilepsy, they watch from the not so far as MJ, Gabe, and Gia navigate their budding lives.

ATW: Resurrected Dreams

In Progress: —  Years after Gia Rose has experienced her first heartbreak, she's back in the game. Engaged and planning her wedding to Desmond, her boyfriend of three years, all is right with the world, or so she thought. Alejandro is back, and plans on keeping every single promise made, no matter how long it's been. With demons in both of their closets will they find a second chance at their shared dreams, or has it just been too long.

Beyond Us

In Progress: —  The story of Lauren, Brooklyn, Ace, and what was their love. Lauren has been out of New York for 3 years following her tumultuous break up with Brooklyn, before she returns on a business trip. After a night out where they reconnect things seem to be better than Lauren could have ever seemed. However, as always the case with Brooklyn, things get murky once he has to marry his girlfriend, Dominique, to keep himself out of prison. Anguished, Lauren feels it's best to just move on with her life, instead of waiting on a would be and a could be. Life is great with Ace, until his work, and her unresolved feelings for Brooklyn get in the way.


Running Wild

 In Progress:  — Meet Aminata, a 20 year old slave, who was taken from the only family she's ever known. Set in antebellum Louisiana, follow her along her journey of self discovery and self awareness. Under Ma Dear's ever watchful eye, what will happen once she meets Master Jean's newest prized possession, Marceil?



In Progress: Meet Santana 'Saint' Brown, a force to be reckoned with in his own right. Dangerous and daring with a growing soft spot for the latest woman he's cast his gaze on. What's not to like about Xurhi's natural sex appeal, regardless of her size. She has spunk, charisma, and the voice of an angel. Their chemistry is almost magnetic, but as they both have competing interest will they ever grow into anything more than just passing flames, or will their sins bring them together?