Chapter 2! Discussion/Recast

Ok, sooooo.... I'm pretty indecisive, and that guy I chose for Ale in the epilogue is a dud... not feeling him anymore so I found a semi permanent Alejandro.



But who knows I might stumble upon a new Alejandro and add him later lol.

Anywhoooo.... How are you guys feeling about the chapter? Gia's treading hot waters right now, and I'm not too sure which way is up or down lol

Desmond has to grow on you, like he grew on Gia...things will get muddied, and the waters between them are already very murky with how they argue and fight



But Check out the gift that Alejandro, gave to Gia. Hmmm I wonder how long she'll try to hide it. As always let me know your thoughts on the chapter 2!!


Ari Glenn